Dark Boston

Trajan - Donum Dantis

Trajan - The Gift Giver

Session 1: Murder Mystery!

Summary: Trajan turns the Hallow over to the Primordial Seekers. His Herald, Aurelia, performs the ceremony and also asks that we investigate something for Trajan.

Situation: Over the past three Saturdays individuals have awakened shortly after sundown and would up dead by Midnight. They have died in similar fashions.

There has been no investigation until this third one, which was two days ago.

Back Bay (Hand)

North End (Eyes)

  • Apt Building
  • 31 y/o female
  • cardstock in the trash
  • unveiled concealing rote by Master of Spirit
  • postcognition
  • greed spirit (we paid it two tass for info)

Harvard (Tongue)

  • Apt Building
  • 30s male
  • cardstock in shoebox
  • attacker is angry
  • lobby security camera

Real Date: Monday, Oct 18th, 2010
Game Date: Monday, Oct 18th, 2010



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