Dark Boston

Lincoln Roxbury

Tiberius and The White Ghost

Session 2: Lincoln Roxbury

  • Research! To the library!
  • Poirot finds out the vics have been having financial troubles
  • Murugan talks to Aurelia, she will try to get in touch with Spirit masters to find out about other Spirit masters operating in the area
  • Endymion gives a penny and says look for Lincoln in Roxbury.
  • Drive around Roxbury looking for poolings of Greed/Wrath
  • Wilder spots penny in Lumen’s pocket with fate sight.
  • Fate aura not created by supernal Mage. Rubbed off very powerful object
  • Kite interviews Greed spirit
  • Kite finds spiritual / real world crossroads
  • Visit Sons of the Revolution

Gift of Atlantis

  • artifact, amulet, golden, predicts awakenings
  • used by verities in the 19th century
  • appears to have resurfaced briefly around the time of the 1st world war
  • when used by verities it was in the form of an amulet
  • during world war it was in form of a pair of gloves
  • draws people who are about to awaken to it, manipulates strands of fate so that they encounter the object
  • if you can supervise it, watch it, see who comes in contact with it, know who is about to awaken
  • We guess it’s a lottery ticket this time
  • Visit convenience store
  • Poirot claims to be hired by lottery commission, gets list of names
  • Wilder divines location of [was it the ticket or the ghost] at 11:31 pm on Saturday – we got an address
  • Wilder divines ghost will go to Boston Common afterwards
  • Wilder divines ghost will take the ticket



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