Herald to Trajan


Path: Mastigos
Cabal: Veritas
Order: Silver Ladder

Magic: Aurelia is extremely adept at the Space Arcanum, and may be a Master of it. If so, however, she has not yet elected to join the Masters’ Chamber.


Aurelia is a very pretty, very fair woman in her early twenties. She has blond hair which changes styles frequently with her mood, and pale grey eyes. She is of Eastern-European descent, and sometimes (rarely), her posh and educated accent takes on a slight Slavic lilt. She can be helpful, friendly, and even chatty, but she is also_fanatically_ loyal to Trajan and to her job.

Aurelia is well known to be the scion of an ancient house of Russian Proximi, though she is the first of her family in recent generations to Awaken. This she did (as is well known) at the age of 16 as a freshman at Harvard University – an early start which accounts for her meteoric rise in power, both political and magical. She was discovered by the members of Veritas, and raised in their fold.

She quickly gained a reputation as a fast learner, a polymath, and a prodigy with magic, particularly the Space Arcanum. When Trajan’s previous Herald, John Dee, was elected Councilor in 2008, the Hierarch selected Aurelia, then only 21, to fill the office.

None who have seen her in action or spent any time interacting with her could deny that she deserves the position – she is businesslike, extremely intelligent, and her power over Space make her excellent at her job. However, the sorts of rumors that tend to follow all successful women (particularly those employed by elderly men) have followed her, too.


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