The Mad Prince of the Public Garden


Path: Mastigos
Cabal: None
Order: Apostate (formerly of the Silver Ladder)

Magic: Endymion is one of only three acknowledged multi-masters in the Consilium, and undeniably the most powerful of Boston’s (known) Supernal willworkers. He is a Master of Mind and of Spirit, and is widely assumed to other unacknowledged Masteries as well. (He is certainly at the least an Adept of Time and Space.)


Once upon a time, Endymion was very much as Trajan is now – polished, well-dressed, a little plump, and entering a very dignified old-age. Now, he is bedraggled, somewhat gaunt and gangly, and altogether an unlovely figure. His aging face is half-covered by a white and unkempt beard, his similarly pure-white hair is patchy and receding a little, and sticks out in all manner of strange ways. His eyes are sunken and his face is marred by deep wrinkles.

Endymion was once the head of a small cabal known as the Dream of Atlantis, a conservative group closely allied to Veritas. It was he that first discovered and mentored Trajan, a lifetime ago. For decades, he was a beloved Councilor, a major force in Boston politics, and a genuine, kindly father-figure to many of the mages who now run the Consilium. In 2003, in an election many thought long-overdue, he was elevated to the position of Hierarch of Boston.

In late 2005, both of Endymion’s long-time cabalmates (the Moros Hypnos, and the Acanthus Rhonabwy) disappeared suddenly and violently. It was around this time, apparently, that Endymion’s grip on sanity shattered. He resigned the hierarch’s seat, allowing it to pass to Trajan. He destroyed his sanctum and took to wandering the Public Garden and other public parks. His speech became disjointed and only half-sensible, and he took up begging from sleepers.

Some say Endymion’s strange changes are because he is on the verge of becoming an Archmaster or some other monumental discovery. Some say that he’s been afflicted by a powerful magical curse or Abyssal corruption, and he could yet recover. Most say that the poor man has just simply snapped, his fragile mortal mind overwhelmed by the arcane secrets to which it was privy.


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