Leon Foster

Name:Leon Foster Shadow Name: Zurvan Chronicle: Mage – Dark Boston
Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Greed Concept: Archivist
Path: Acanthus Order: Mysterium Legacy: None


Power Intellignece ••• Strength Presence ••
Finesse Wits ••• Dexterity ••• Manipulation ••
Resistance Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure •••


Mental Physical Social
Academics ••• [History] Athletics • Animal Ken
Computer •• [Data Retrieval] Brawl Empathy •• [Motives]
Crafts Drive • Expression
Investigation •• Firearms Intimidation
Medicine Larceny Persuasion •••
Occult •• Stealth • Socialize ••
Politics •• Survival • Streetwise
Science Weaponry Subterfuge

Other Traits

Health ••••• •• Initiative ••••• • Defense ••• Speed •••• Wisdom ••••• •• Gnosis ••

Willpower: 5
Mana: 7
Tass: 0


Death Fate •• Forces Life Matter
Mind Prime Space Spirit Time •••


Name Arcana Practice Action Duration Aspect Cost Dice Pool Reference
Temporal Wrinkles Time • Unveiling Instant Prolonged Covert - Wits + Occult + Time M 258
Inscribe Grimoire Prime • Compelling Extended Lasting Covert - Intelligence + Expression + Prime M 220
Postcognition Time •• Unveiling Instant Concentration Covert - Intelligence + Investigation + Time M 260
Sibyl’s Sight Fate • Unveiling Instant Prolonged (1Sc) Covert - Wits + Occult + Fate M 149
Temporal Eddies Time • Unveiling Instant Prolonged (1Sc) Covert - Wits + Investigation + Time M 258


Question and Answer

Residence: Back Bay
Age: 48
Birthdate: 6 May, 1962
Awakened: 43

Important People: Familiar with most of the Boston Historical Society, some of Harvard’s history department (mainly those focusing on regional history) and local librarians.

Pre-Awakening: A disillusioned middle-aged classics scholar, at his wits end with a lack of funding for his research and sick of studying the words of men long ago and far away. Still enthralled by myth, he wonders about legends closer to home.

Post-Awakening: Takes up a job under his mentor, Harlan Balcomb, as an archivist at the Boston Historical Society. Balcomb implies that there is a place for him within the files, and though Foster initially brushes off the comment, he slowly begins to find holes in the stacks. Events don’t connect. Time seems staggered and disjointed. He begins to suspect if it’s his fate to weave the pieces back together.

Mentor: Harlan Balcomb was helpful in the frustrating sense that all academics are used to. He posed questions, rarely gave answers, and expected far more than was reasonable from Foster. Nonetheless, Foster remains grateful to his mentor and feels like he has a modest understanding the world as a mage. Balcomb is part of the Mysterium, and though well-respected, he prefers to remain on the sidelines and wants little to do with the political.

Appearance and Personality

Foster is unendingly curious and often lost in his own thoughts, but still personable and generally friendly. His age is hard to guess from looking at him: his skin looks young, but his hair has gone completely gray. He’s in reasonably good shape for someone who’s nearing fifty, but he’s pale from his indoor lifestyle and has been spending less and less time outdoors in recent years.

Leon Foster

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