Shadow Name: Maran
Real Name: Unknown
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium

Maran is a large, long-haired Hispanic man who generally wears brown leather or fur – made of animals he killed, skinned, and cured – and sports a ponytail. He is gruff, but difficult to provoke unless the animals in his domain are threatened beyond what he considers natural predation.

Like many Thyrsus mages, Maran is a very physical person. Even without attribute-boosting magic, he is stronger than most weightlifters and as tough as a professional rugby player. That said, many people who meet him fail to realize that his mind is quite active, too. His knowledge of biology is detailed; one might assume he has at least a Master’s degree in the subject, though he will not discuss any aspect of his life prior to his Awakening.

Maran is likely technically a master of Life, but hasn’t bothered to go through any sort of certification. He is decidely apolitical, and for that matter mostly uninterested in Boston as a whole. His primary interest is in the semi-wilderness areas nearby, in tending and strengthening them to the point where they could support true wildlife. In addition, he will occasionally permit himself to be badgered into accepting a student, mainly in an attempt to convince someone else to join him in his cause.

Probably because of his apolitical nature, Maran is still a member of the Mysterium. He was at one point more interested in their work, but at some point his interest in unearthing past magics decreased. Not willing to go through the trouble of renouncing the order, he still technically has ties to it and trades occasional favors with one member or another.



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