Digital Rabble Rouser


Shadow Name: Sing
Real Name: Unknown
Path: Obrimas
Order: Free Council
Cabal: The Commonwealth
Primary Skills: Computers, Singing
Known Arcana: Forces, Space
Likely Arcana: Prime, Time, Mind, Matter

Sing has a very dry wit / is frequently deadpan. She is more likely to express emotion online than in real life. Her skill with Forces is acknowledged. She is considered a nuisance by The Establishment™.

She has an excellent natural singing voice and is an accomplished musician. Sheperforms locally in both group choirs and as a solo artist at open mic nights.

She has many connections in both the digital world and the music scene.

Her goals are largely unknown.

A gravitational singularity is a point in spacetime in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density and zero volume.

The human voice is just another force. It can be manipulated or mastered as any other phenomenon.



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