Hierarch of Boston


Path: Moros
Cabal: Veritas
Order: Silver Ladder

Magic: Trajan is a known master of Matter, and is widely suspected to be a second-degree master (some even say a third-degree master, though this is extremely unlikely.)


Trajan is a very tall, moderately-overweight wizard with distinguished grey hair, piercing eyes, and a low, gravelly and commanding voice. He is a sharp dresser who favors blue and grey. His words are precise, his accent unmistakably Brahmin. Although his speech is always gracious, there is always a certain amount of ‘polite’ condescension to his tone.

Trajan served for eleven years as a prominent and vocal member of the Ruling Council before being elected Hierarch in 2006. He has been the unofficial ‘leader’ of Veritas for a decade. Of Trajan’s life prior to Awakening, little is known. He boasts a Yale education and a Rhodes Scholarship, but of course he never specifies the years. Nor is anything known of his ‘mundane’ life at present – if indeed the Hierarch of Boston can afford to maintain such a luxury as a ‘mundane’ life.

When mages feel like gossiping, however, discussion centers on two perhaps-contradictory points: Firstly, he is never seen without his wedding ring. Secondly, of the four officers (two sentinels, his Herald and his Prefect) that he has so far been permitted to appoint, two have been Veritas members and three have been attractive women in their early-to-mid twenties.

The Hierarch of Boston is not at all a reclusive person. He makes active use of his faithful Herald and Prefect (Aurelia and Tomorrow, respectively) – but this is not out of any desire to remain aloof – he needs their help because he is extremely active and lacks sufficient mastery of the Space Arcanum to be literally in multiple places at once. In general, he deals with important and powerful mages and cabals personally, leaving his two able lieutenants to deal with lessers (like you, at this point.)

Trajan is not the most Supernally powerful mage in Boston – none can reasonably dispute with the half-mad Endymion for that honor. However, when power is weighed with any metric other than raw mastery of the Arcana, Trajan comes out on top. His rank of Hierarch, of course, gives him numerous legal powers. However, these official rights are dwarfed by his unofficial ‘influences’ – his position at the head of Veritas’s extensive patronage scheme, his network of allies and informants both within the Consilium and abroad.


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