Veeran Yoseppu

Seeker of Earth

Name: Veeran Yoseppu Virtue: Temperance Path: Moros
Shadow Name: Murugan Vice: Pride Order: Guardians of the Veil
Concept: Arrogant Artist/Death Priest Legacy: Cabal: Primordial Seekers


Power: Intelligence ••• Strength •• Presence ••
Finesse: Wits •• Dexterity ••• Manipulation ••
Resistance: Resolve ••• Stamina •• Composure •••


Mental Physical Social
Academics • Athletics • [throwing] Animal Ken
Computer Brawl Empathy ••
Crafts ••• [blacksmithing] Drive Expression
Investigation •• [rotes] Firearms Intimidation •
Medicine • Larceny Persuasion ••
Occult ••• [magic] Stealth • [rotes] Socialize
Politics • Survival Streetwise
Science Weaponry •• [short blades] Subterfuge •• [rotes]

Other Traits

••••• ••
••••• •
••••• •••••
••••• •


Death ••• Fate Forces Life Matter ••
Mind Prime • Space Spirit Time


Name Spell Arcana Practice Action Duration Aspect Cost Dice Pool Reference
Breaking the Chains Destroy Object Death ••• Fraying I L C - Composure+Crafts+Death M 139
Rised and Obey Quicken Corpse Death ••• Weaving I P V - Presence+Persuasion+Death M 140
Shroud of Gloom2 Entropic Shroud Death ••• Shielding I P C - Wits+Occult+Death M 139
Unweaving the Flaw2 Dispel Magic Prime • Compelling I L C 1 M Intelligence+Occult+Prime vs. target spell’s Potency M 220


Name Arcana Reference Effect
Counterspell Death • M 123 counter Death spells
Shadow Sculpting Death • M 135 deepen existing shadows
Speak with the Dead Death • M 135 see/speak to ghosts in Twilight
Animate Shadows Death •• M 136 Move shadows into lit areas
Decay Death •• M 136 reduce Durability of a touched object
Forensic Invisibility Death ••+Matter • Ban 54 destroys fibers, dead skin, saliva, oils and hair
Ghost Summons Death •• M 137 call to ghosts in the area
Suppress Aura Death •• M 137 make examination of your soul more difficult
Touch of the Grave Death •• M 138 reach into Twilight
Control Ghost Death ••• M 138 dominate the will of a ghost
Orpheus’ Lament Death ••• GoG 131 all in earshot suffer penalty to deliberate rolls
Summon Shadows Death ••• M 142 create animate, physical shadows
Counterspell Matter • M 123 counter Matter spells
Alter Accuracy Matter •• M 196 grant 9-Again to a weapon
Loosen the Threads Matter •• GoG 103 open locks, knots, loosen doors
Counterspell Prime • M 223 counter Prime spells


Contacts2 • [ghosts]
Ghost Familiar •••
Hallow* •••
High Speech •
Library* (1) •••• [Artifacts, Ghosts, History, Spirits]
Mentor •• [Hualas]
Quick Draw • [melee]
Resources •
Sanctum •• [Size 0, Security 2]
Sanctum* (1) ••••• [Size 3, Security 2]
Status • [Order: Guardians of the Veil]
Weapon Finesse •• [short blades]

Personal Effects

Murugan is seldom without a long, black cane. To the untrained eye it looks like ebony, but the more discerning might spot the signs of dressed-up cheaper material. Although not of refined manufacture, the cane is solidly constructed to the proper length and provides a striking accent to his ensemble. With a flick, the cane’s handle pops off to reveal a long, narrow dagger sheathed inside the body.

Although he will go without the cane if necessary, Murugan is never without at least one switchblade concealed somewhere on his person: the paranoia he has learned among the Guardians takes its toll.

Gear: slim-fitting, European-style clothes; switchblade; matches; sword cane; lighter; flask of water; handful of cheap cotton handkerchiefs.

Equipment: welding torches of varying size and description; welding helmet; soot-coated jumpsuit; ornate, silver-coated ceremonial rondel dagger; bronze shiva linga w/ granite basin; various metal scraps, poles and girders, made of iron or cheap steel; ashes from burnt offerings.

Magical Tools

Order: Scarf of diaphanous black cotton, five yards long and shot through with sweeping lines of gold thread. When worn as a turban, its pattern of gold threads can reveal the shape of an Atlantean pentagram.
Death Arcanum: Dull, leaden coin. Inscribed with the Atlantean pentagram on one side, and the Tamil symbol மு on the other.
Matter Arcanum: Lustrous platinum coin. Identical inscriptions.


Name Dice pool Dmg Range Size Durability
silvered, ceremonial rondel dagger 8 2L - 1/S 3
switchblade 6 0L - 1/P 2
thrown switchblade 5 0L 13/26/52 1/P 2
sword cane 6/8 2B/2L - 2/L 3
heavy throwing knife 7 2L 13/26/52 1/J 3

Footnotes & References

1 I sacrificed 2 dots of starting Wisdom for a total of 10 XP, as per the optional rule in Mage corebook, pp. 66-67

2 Shroud of Gloom rote (6 XP) + Unweaving the Flaw rote (2 XP) + Contacts Merit (2 XP) = 10 XP

3 Murugan’s weapons are largely of his own manufacture. He has shaped the blades himself and fitted them to their handles.

WoD – Canon Index
White Wolf Wiki – Mage: The Awakening


Birthdate: 11/19/1978
Age: 32
Awakened: 31

Important People: Contacts at the local foundries/scrap yards, art dealers, gallery owners, helpful ghosts, etc.

Pre-Awakening: A dreamer, always trying to fulfill and communicate his dreams through bizarre metal sculptures. In college, he studied the traditional blacksmithing arts of his Tamil ancestors in India. Struggling to make a living as an artist but too proud to take up a union job, he lived briefly with his late, wealthy twin brother in NYC.

Post-Awakening: (secret)

Appearance: Veeran cuts a trim, unassuming figure. Outside of the studio he prefers to accentuate his long, delicate limbs by dressing in slim-fitting clothes of European cut (carefully culled from thrift store racks), in styles which are usually a touch more formal than what is strictly called for. The colors are almost always muted, with dark greys and black predominating, and the occasional streak of bright crimson or gold added for contrast. When at work, he is usually wearing a soot-smeared jumpsuit and little else. Although a man of only average height, his almost skeletally thin arms and legs often make him appear taller from a distance. His close-cropped hair remains thick and raven-black in his early 30’s, but his nut-brown skin is often dry and ashy; his scarred, calloused palms belie the rough treatment of metalworking. His eyes are usually red-rimmed from long hours of welding and the smoke of burnt offerings; he might even be handsome if not for this permanent, bleary-eyed stare, as if perpetually waking from a too-long nap. But with his calming tones, steady gaze and hovering hint of a smile, Murugan has much of the demeanor of an ascetic: detached, serene, inwardly-focused.

Nimbus: When Murugan casts vulgar magic he is surrounded by an faint, chittering susurrus, like dry leaves—but leaves do not whisper in the sepulchral voices of the dead. This is often accompanied by an equally brief if unsettling sensation of creeping numbness in the observer’s extremities (usually those closest to Murugan during the casting).

Veeran Yoseppu

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