Dark Boston

Unconventional Assault
Session 3

After casing the apartment the Ghost’s intended victim lived in, the Primordial Seekers went back to the sanctum and began debating over and preparing for the victim’s defense. After a significant amount of inconclusive discussion, Aurelia contacted the cabal to mention that a great deal of spirit activity had been happening below the Boston Commons, and to offer a set of five gloves that would make the cabal invisible to spirits for a week to help them investigate.

The cabal then set out to the area under the Commons, to a set of unused subway tunnels which led to a tunnel that was obviously created by magic. It was enchanted and guarded by a pair of spirits which, due to the gloves the Seekers wore, could not see them. In this sanctum were obvious signs of human sacrifice near a large, murder-aspected hallow, a set of ritual chambers which included the symbolic body parts of murdered Awakened along with an indication that two more murders were planned, a small sleeping area, and a small library of necromantic and spirit-related magic including a book that implied the ritual was intended to allow the mage to ascend to the Supernal realm.

Murugan then called up a nearby (actual) ghost and used it to spy on the Ghost. The Seekers left for their sanctum and resumed discussions of strategy. Kite acquired a stray cat and a swarm of bees, Murugan brought water bottles that he turned into Molotov cocktails and improved various weapons’ accuracies, Lumen did item enchantment to affect spirits if necessary, and Zurvan cast a spell that would improve his luck. They waited until the ghost informed them that the Ghost had fallen asleep, and wearing their gloves made an assault.

As the Seekers entered this time, they tripped a spell that woke the Ghost, but continued anyway. Poirot shot the Ghost and was charged in return; Kite used pepper spray and the bees to distract him, and then changed the cat into a bear to attack him; Lumen counterspelled most of his spellcasting, reducing him to (admittedly effective) punches. The spirits attacked the cat-turned-bear and the Ghost successfully healed himself. Kite, Murugan, and Zurvan switched to Murugan’s Molotov cocktails, which along with Lumen’s final blast of Supernal Fire finished the Ghost. Murugan then attempted to drain the Ghost’s soul as he died.

With gloves still on, the cabal walked past the spirit guardians still present and looted the small library.

Friggin’ bees.

Lincoln Roxbury
Tiberius and The White Ghost

Session 2: Lincoln Roxbury

  • Research! To the library!
  • Poirot finds out the vics have been having financial troubles
  • Murugan talks to Aurelia, she will try to get in touch with Spirit masters to find out about other Spirit masters operating in the area
  • Endymion gives a penny and says look for Lincoln in Roxbury.
  • Drive around Roxbury looking for poolings of Greed/Wrath
  • Wilder spots penny in Lumen’s pocket with fate sight.
  • Fate aura not created by supernal Mage. Rubbed off very powerful object
  • Kite interviews Greed spirit
  • Kite finds spiritual / real world crossroads
  • Visit Sons of the Revolution

Gift of Atlantis

  • artifact, amulet, golden, predicts awakenings
  • used by verities in the 19th century
  • appears to have resurfaced briefly around the time of the 1st world war
  • when used by verities it was in the form of an amulet
  • during world war it was in form of a pair of gloves
  • draws people who are about to awaken to it, manipulates strands of fate so that they encounter the object
  • if you can supervise it, watch it, see who comes in contact with it, know who is about to awaken
  • We guess it’s a lottery ticket this time
  • Visit convenience store
  • Poirot claims to be hired by lottery commission, gets list of names
  • Wilder divines location of [was it the ticket or the ghost] at 11:31 pm on Saturday – we got an address
  • Wilder divines ghost will go to Boston Common afterwards
  • Wilder divines ghost will take the ticket
Trajan - Donum Dantis
Trajan - The Gift Giver

Session 1: Murder Mystery!

Summary: Trajan turns the Hallow over to the Primordial Seekers. His Herald, Aurelia, performs the ceremony and also asks that we investigate something for Trajan.

Situation: Over the past three Saturdays individuals have awakened shortly after sundown and would up dead by Midnight. They have died in similar fashions.

There has been no investigation until this third one, which was two days ago.

Back Bay (Hand)

North End (Eyes)

  • Apt Building
  • 31 y/o female
  • cardstock in the trash
  • unveiled concealing rote by Master of Spirit
  • postcognition
  • greed spirit (we paid it two tass for info)

Harvard (Tongue)

  • Apt Building
  • 30s male
  • cardstock in shoebox
  • attacker is angry
  • lobby security camera

Real Date: Monday, Oct 18th, 2010
Game Date: Monday, Oct 18th, 2010


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