Everything you’ve ever been told is a lie.

No. Not a lie.

The Lie.

A few months ago, everything was normal. The apartment, the job, the daily commute on the T, the overpriced cup of coffee on your way home. Then something changed, and you were Awoken to a whole new world that lurks just below the surface of everyday life. A World of Darkness.

Cold-fleshed monsters trade humans like cattle by night. Beasts who hide in human shape prowl back alleys. Things from another reality, which literally defy description, bleed into the corners of our world around every turn. And these are just the horrors you can see.

This Awakening has left you with strange new powers you’re only beginning to understand. You are not helpless in the face of these enemies you didn’t know existed. But it has also left you with the certain knowledge that you are trapped in a prison that was ancient when Babylon was young, ruled by wardens who will snuff out your light, if they discover you.

There are others, who have had the same experience you have. They call themselves mages, the Wise. But to be honest, though they may hide it under a human face, some of them are far more monstrous than anything that skulks in the shadows.

You are still trapped. You still don’t know the whole truth. You’ve still got only one eye open. But you are in the Kingdom of the Blind.

How will you rule?

Dark Boston

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